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SnowWolf75's gameplay for Game Room

SnowWolf75 played Game Room

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SnowWolf75 said...
test post..
Game Room

Game Room

Release Date:
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So is that a grade for my post or the game?
I 'created' the game in the database, but the platform (X360,XBLA) didn't take for some reason... so it's not being picked up if I play at home. :(
That's a grade for the test only.
It won't display the platform until ChangeAgent decides he's seen enough people enter it, checks the game out himself, and verifies it. Since he no longer has that job and hasn't been replaced, this job is not getting done.
So is anyone in control of this site, or is it just going along on autopilot? I know about the acquisition and people leaving and stuff... I would've thought by now someone would fill the empty shoes.
There's still at least one person on staff.
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