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Whee, PS3 games

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SnowWolf75 said...
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Deciding to forgo a two hour trip to/from the video store last night, I bought games from the Store instead. They will be available for download onto another console if I sign in, right?

Anyway.. first was Fat Princess, an amusing castle combat game which certainly doesn't spare any blood when killing people. Being able to which jobs merely by picking up their hat (even the opposing team) was very useful once I got the hang of it. Alas, all its achievements.. sorry, trophies (except for maybe one or two) were from online battles so i didn't get any. I'll be nudging the PS3 people in this message, just in case they would like to play with me tonight. Theoretically I can get online.. but staying online might be tough. Also, I don't have a microphone so coordination will be lacking.

Next was Critter Crunch, which had an interesting twist on the jewel movement games. I played a few levels of the storyline, some puzzle and some challenges, getting about three trophies... but since they're not showing up on playstation's site, I doubt they'll populate to here anytime soon.

P.S. My playstation name is the same as my username here.
Fat Princess

Fat Princess (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Overhead View Action
Release Date: 30/JUL/09
Critter Crunch

Critter Crunch (PS3)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 08/OCT/09
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Yeah i play Fat Princess at night, add me if i dont add you ...PSN: smitjd
You know, I'm not sure, but I think you might have screwed up here. I think PSN downloads are linked to the console where they are first downloaded. I am not sure, as accounts for the DRM policies are different depending on where you read it :-P I guess you'll find out...
hmm.. good point. I just sent an email to customer service and will update when I get an answer.
@SnowWolf75 Have upgraded to a PS3 slim, I can confirm that any downloads off PSN are tied to your username, not the console.
That's good to know... though I'm curious what happens to the login/game on the other machine. I know Xbox has a way of locking the games to the account, then invalidating the login from that machine (forcing you to recover the tag).
Also. gamerDNA can't pull trophy data at all.
I know they were working at incorporating that a while ago, but had troubles. Even so, the trophies don't show in my profile ( http://is.gd/4OgNw ), so whether gDna works is irrelevant.
@SnowWolf75 still let us know how it goes, because I've heard other stories. Something like it's tied to your account, with a limited number of downloads... or the hardware, I don't know. I'm curious, because I've never tried it myself. I have done it on the 360... on it, it is tied to the gamertag, and you can download it as many times as you want.
@SnowWolf75 Did you sync the trophy data with the server?
how do you do that? I'm totally new to the PS3 world.
Turn on console.
Go directly to trophies.
Open trophies.
Presumably the steps 'choose username' and 'sign in' would be in there, because the console I'm using doesn't do that automatically. I'll have to try that when I get home tonight.
I thought that it would do so automatically if I was signed in, like 360 does.
@xoaks FWIW, we still try to pull trophy data from Sony. They have been off-and-on about blocking people, so it's not something we can count on. But one of the nice things about their data is that they have timestamps with their trophies, so if/when we get a chance to pull the data properly, we can back-populate old information into the system.
@SnowWolf75 unless you're using a PS3 with a very old firmware, you can set it to log into a particular profile, and sign into PSN automatically.

And yeah, this is something in which PSN still lags behind Xbox Live. You wouldn't think it wouldn't be that hard to sync trophies automatically!
@apoloimagod Except when you play 360 offline a lot (as I did until only recently) nothing old get's synced. Meanwhile, PSN will sync everything at once when you tell it too.
@xoaks everything gets synced when go back on... the only thing that doesn't transfer are timestamps, because Xbox Live adds them on the fly.
@apoloimagod Then please explain the utter lack of accuracy on not only gDNA, but xbox.com's profile page for me.
Microsoft + latency = total confusion.
Thanks xoaks for explaining the trophy sync thing... and I earned some trophies in Fat Princess, so I have 3 for each FP and CC.
@xoaks I can't explain that :-P The only thing I can think of is there's something wrong with your local profile... I've never experienced this (and I've played offline many times, then came back online to sync) or heard of it before...
@apoloimagod How long were you offline?
@xoaks I don't stay long offline... maybe a few days, no more than a week...
And that's why. My shit was off for 200+ days. So far nothing has synced back.
Have you tried putting in one of the un-synced games and playing a little bit of it while online?
@SnowWolf75 That doesn't work.
Which is why I disagree with the idea that PSN "lags behind" Live. I'd rather have a system I initiate but no shit works every time, than one requires me do nothing but also may or may not do as it should.
I haven't played a game on PSN online yet, so I can't really judge if Live is better or not.
@xoaks it does lag behind. You seem to be an exceptional case... I have never heard of the issues you have, which makes me think there's some problem with your profile. What's the problem exactly? Are there achievements that aren't showing?
@apoloimagod You don't get to make unqualified absolute statements like "it does lag behind" without offering a shred of evidence. I refuse to engage in any dialogue that will so quickly descend into console superiority and inevitably devolve into childish "nuh-uh it's doesn't" versus "uh-huh it does!" PSN and Live are the same in almost all ways save aesthetic.
@xoaks and financially.
@xoaks sorry if touched a nerve or something but... you're the one that started the 'my toy is better than your toy' argument, I'm just playing along :-P I own both consoles, I like them both... I don't care which one is superior, or if any of the two is in fact superior. The only reason I used the qualitative statement is because you used it :-P If I don't get to say it lags behind... why do you get to say it doesn't? :-)

All I did from the beginning was offering a quantitative statement, without making any qualification: PSN does not sync trophies automatically, like Xbox Live does. This is a fact. In this very particular aspect, PSN lags behind Xbox Live. I didn't imply that makes Xbox Live better than PSN overall... somehow you seemed quite offended though. *sigh* fanboys...

Anyways, sorry if I somehow offended your sensitivities. That was not the intention. I'm still interested in your problem with Live, because this is something I haven't heard of anywhere else... like I asked before, what is the specific problem? achievements now showing?
wow you all are a bunch of very opinionated people
@apoloimagod First off, fangirl if you must. I prefer fangamer.

Second, my favorite system isn't the PS3 or the 360. It's the DS.

Third, I never said either system was better than the other. Develop some damn analytical reading skills and don't you dare put words in my fucking mouth.

Fourth, and most important, how the FUCK do you think you can turn this on me? You said PSN lags behind Live. You fucking said it TWICE. But, can you offer absolute proof than Live updates your profile immediately? No you can't, because it fucking doesn't. There is a lag between when you get an achievement and it updating on M$'s servers. I've went to xbox.com after play sessions and check if my gameplay had been logged before. Some days it's up to date. Far too often it isn't for some days after. I've also check Sony's servers after a play session to see it my PlayStation gameplay was correct. After I sync, it's completely up to date. So while the PSN syncing is slightly more cumbersome, it's also grossly more accurate. So again, I defy you to tell me how PSN lags behind Live. I personally would prefer accuracy over ease of use. And, yes, likely without intent to do so, you did imply Live is better than PSN.

Fifth, the whole "I own more systems, I'm not biased" thing is and always has been bullshit. Unless you've bought all your multiplat game on both systems, you can't say that you has no bias. It's as ridiculous as people who say "I'm not racist!" And yes, I do prefer the PS3 to the 360. I like the controller better and having a functional D-Pad. But I will be getting Bayonetta on 360.

Lastly, "PSN does not sync trophies automatically, like Xbox Live does." I was unaware that Live had trophies. :3
And that's my longest post EVAR~<3
Sorry, fangirl. Forgive me for not reading your whole post above, but the tone, and inflammatory language make me conclude that at this point you've lost objectivity and perspective. I didn't say PSN lags behind Live. You have said, however, that it doesn't :-P Read carefully again, and I will re-state it here... I said PSN lags behind LIVE IN THIS PARTICULAR ASPECT. I didn't made any sort of overall qualification, because that would require making an assessment of all their features. I never implied PSN is better, overall, than LIVE. My exact quote is:

"And yeah, this is something in which PSN still lags behind Xbox Live. You wouldn't think it wouldn't be that hard to sync trophies automatically!"

and I stand by it, because it is a fact. If you were a cold-headed, together fangirl, you would've seen this. But all you saw is "PSN lags behind Xbox LIVE"... and, oh my gosh, how could he say that?!!! I like that you have come out open and said it: you are a PS3 fan girl :-) (yeah, at this point, I've read your whole reply). Sorry, I'm not. I'm not a fanboy of either side. I will quickly point to the flaws of either system, as well as their qualities.

You should put your attitude in check. The only thing you've achieved here is put your objectivity in question, which makes me wonder about the veracity of your statements. If you say you've seen some lag in achievements updating... well, if you say so. But I've never seen this. Just as I've never seen it on PSN (as soon as you update). I wonder...

And it's not about owning more systems, or boasting about it. I just simply love both systems. But they both have flaws, and I'm not going to overlook them just because, oh, I love them so so much. Sony has a lot of work to do on PSN. And this syncing of trophies is one of those things they need to improve. They're getting there... soon they'll have cross-game voice chat. Another thing in which it lags behind the Xbox.

I will consider this argument concluded, at least on my part, because you can't get anywhere in any argument if one of the parties has so obviously lost it. Again, sorry if I offended you or your system of preference in any way. But you should be able to take criticism and think objectively about it. I'm not trying to make you, or anyone else hate PSN, or love Xbox LIVE. So let's just call it a day.

Sorry for your problems with LIVE, and I'm happy you're very satisfied with the way PSN does things. I demand quality, even from the products I love. Maybe, when Sony finally implements automatic syncing of trophies, you will hate it too. Forgive me, but I will love it :-)
@DeathorGlory9 hehehehe :-) Sorry you had to witness this very silly argument :-P
@apoloimagod And you've missed my point entirely. Again, work on your critical reading skills. I am NOT a PS3 fangirl. The only rampant fan attitude I display is in referance to Kingdom Hearts (which has been displayed on the site) and the DS (which has yet to come up). Ad hominem attacks aren't helping your case at all. Assumptions on my perspective of things are helping your case less. So let's get everything out in the open.

Is Live or PSN better?
Live is by and far superior when it comes to general experience in Matchmaking and playing with friends. PSN is far less clumsy when it comes to accessing downloaded games and making purchases off the store.

Would it be nice if PSN trophies auto-synced?
Hells yeah. Manual syncing is cumbersome and tedious, especially when your connection is laggy.

What?! But you said you thought manual sync was better!
No I didn't. I said that I prefer having a system in place that is 100% accurate with my accomplishments. My trophy data is always correct (after a sync). My achievements has been know to be off at times. I like my E-peen in it's full glory.

So what the fuck are you fussing about?
It's a pet peeve of my when people state opinions (AKA "this is something in which PSN still lags behind Xbox Live." ) as facts.
It's not a fact. You have no empirical data to support it. It's an opinion. Even if the whole world agrees with you, it's STILL an opinion.

Do both systems have flaws?
Fuck yes. Avatars are stupid. The Avatar carousel of a friends list is unnecessarily painful. The PSN friends list is stupid too. The UI is garbage.

So what about the DS?
The DSi interface is beautifully sublime and the pinnacle of gaming achievement. All system envy its wonderous beauty.

But hey, you seem to have made my mind up for me. I'll leave this be.
@xoaks We're not getting anywhere... why don't be make a truce and just play video games :-) Both systems are good at one thing: playing games, and that's all that matters. I'd rather have a new friend online, with similar interests (video games) than tread over a silly argument :-)

So, how about it? I apologize on my part if I stepped over the line in any way... I sent you friend requests on both LIVE and PSN (on both networks,not bias there ;-)
*sigh* Fine okay.

I wish ninty would take to internet culture. I want a friend list. And Accomplishments or Badges. (Stupid bloody demographic)
@apoloimagod The XBox seems to be better at breaking than it is at playing games.
@LordXenophon Ahaha~ I have RRoDed myself once.
@LordXenophon That explains why my launch 360 still works fine...
RROD does happen, but not as much as some people make it seem.
@LordXenophon as a matter fact, my launch Xbox did break once... not RRoD though. Optical drive died.
@EarthboundX Agreed. Like I said, mine did fail once, but it wasn't RRoD, which as it turns out, wasn't as good, because the extended warranty didn't apply, so I had to play for the repair. After that it has been working fine.
I remember when that Gameinformer poll came out, they only polled 5000 people, and for about 3 weeks after that, everyone was assuming all 360 had a 54% failure rate. Man that was annoying.
@xoaks Where are you getting that number from?
@EarthboundX that's the failure rate.
Is that was Microsoft said?
Acutually, the rate is much higher if you expose your XBox to children, liquids, mindless enthusiasm or gravity.
@LordXenophon Or air.
How does air damage an XBox?
Children blowing on it?
@LordXenophon The Xbox is a very fragile creature.
Well, I suppose exposure to gravity could also be seen as exposure to air, if by exposure to air you mean falling through the air.
Tornados are prety vicious.
@LordXenophon Could you hear my comment as it sailed right over your head?
@EarthboundX *is so tempted to make a VERY wrong joke*
Yes. It was screaming. I put in my earplugs.
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